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Renters insurance FAQs

Being a renter doesn’t mean that you don’t need to have insurance to protect what you own. More than half of all renters don’t have renters insurance and that leaves them very vulnerable. At Sump Insurance in Clarinda, IA we are a locally owned independent insurance agency, and we want to make sure that you have the coverage you need. 

Renters Insurance FAQs

Will renters insurance replace my laptop if it is stolen?

Yes, it will pay for your laptop and the amount that you get will depend on what type of content coverage you have and what your deductible is. If you have replacement cost coverage, you will get more than if you have actual value. 

Are my personal possessions covered when I am away from home?

Yes, if you travel with personal possessions, they are covered just as they would be if they were still in your home. This goes for your vehicle, a plane, or a hotel. 

If someone is hurt at my rental, do I have coverage?

Yes, you do if you have rental insurance. It will pay for medical bills that may be incurred and, beyond that, it provides coverage for any legal action that may be filed against you due to the injury. It even helps pay for your legal fees. 

If my rental is damaged what happens?

Your landlord or management company is responsible for repairing the rental unit. If it is so badly damaged that you can’t remain in it, your renters’ insurance will give you the means to stay somewhere else until you can come back home. It will also pay for some meals as well if you can’t cook. It means you will have a roof over your head. 

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Contact Sump Insurance in Clarinda, IA if you are a renter, and would like to discuss why you should have renters insurance. 

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