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Does Umbrella Insurance Cover Home, Auto, or Personal Belongings Damage?

While serving the Clarinda, IA region, our team at Sump Insurance frequently receives questions about what is covered under umbrella insurance policies and what is not covered. Since umbrella insurance policies can vary from provider to provider and policy to policy, it can be confusing to decipher what your specific umbrella policy entails. To clear up the confusion, we’ve tackled these confusing topics below.

What Is Umbrella Insurance?

If you take the term literally, you might think umbrella insurance covers, well, umbrellas. This wouldn’t quite be accurate. As an insurance policy, umbrella insurance acts as an “umbrella” to cover claims beyond what your home insurance, auto insurance, or other policies cover. Typically, umbrella insurance comes into play when you have reached your limit on another policy.

It’s like a safety net or backup plan that ensures that you will be covered even in significant events that go beyond your primary policies’ reach.

What Does Umbrella Insurance Cover?

While every policy is different, umbrella insurance policies generally cover liability, medical costs, and expenses associated with lawsuits that go beyond what the primary home or auto policy handles.

Does Umbrella Insurance Cover Home, Auto, or Personal Belongings Damage?

Unfortunately, for most umbrella insurance policies, home, auto, and personal belongings damage is not covered under the umbrella policy. While some umbrella policies may cover these things, it is usually meant to cover damage or injury to others, as well as liability. That being said, some umbrella insurance policies may cover these if they are related to other forms of coverage such as liability. It all depends on the individual policy terms and the specific situation at hand.

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