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Umbrella insurance FAQs

Umbrella insurance is one of the most confusing types of insurance and most people have a lot of misconceptions about what it is and what it does. Even the name is confusing, it doesn’t insure your umbrella. What exactly does it do? For answers you can count on,  Sump Insurance in Clarinda, IA is your full-service independent agency. Service is our specialty and we are dedicated to making sure we provide our customers with the best possible insurance experience.  

What is umbrella insurance? 

Umbrella insurance is excess liability coverage. It does not stand alone, it is an addition to another policy or policies that have liability coverage. An umbrella policy protects your assets from all the adversity out there much like an umbrella protects you from the storm. Umbrella policies start at around a million dollars and go up from there.

Who can benefit from umbrella insurance?

If you have assets, you can benefit from umbrella insurance. It can be added to boat insurance, motorcycle coverage, renters insurance, condo coverage as well as home and auto insurance. If you have more than just a basic life, you can benefit from additional liability protection. 

Is umbrella insurance only for the rich?

No, this is one of the most common myths about umbrella insurance. If you have savings or own a home, you have enough assets to be in danger from a judgment against you. 

Can I buy umbrella insurance alone? 

No, umbrella insurance is additional liability coverage, so you must have a primary insurance policy that includes liability. 

Do I need to get my primary liability policy from the same carrier as my umbrella insurance?

No, there is no requirement to get the umbrella policy from the same company. Shop around for the best deal, though with the same company, you might get a multi-policy discount.

If you want to discuss the benefits to you of umbrella insurance, contact Sump Insurance in Clarinda, IA.

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