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How do I know if I have enough auto insurance coverage?

Clarinda, IA drivers need to carry a certain amount of insurance by law. If you only want to meet the minimum requirements, Sume Insurance can help you find a policy where you will only have liability coverage. Liability coverage only kicks in to protect the other drivers and passengers when you are found to be at fault in an accident. 

Minimum Legal Requirements

Under Iowa law, you only need to carry certain amounts of liability insurance. Property damage coverage will help to repair or replace the victim’s vehicle while personal injury coverage will cover everything from emergency room visits to ongoing physical therapy. Any amount not paid out under your policy becomes your responsibility. If you cannot pay, the other insurance company will likely seek a court judgment. 

Other Important Coverages

If you still owe on your vehicle, your lender may require you to carry full coverage. Full coverage will also protect you during an accident, even if you are at fault. Many people become spoiled after carrying full coverage and keep it after the car is paid off. Full coverage gives you peace of mind that liability insurance alone can’t offer.

Here are some of the advantages of full coverage insurance:

  • Comprehensive coverage offers protection in case of unexpected events like fire, vandalism, or accidentally hitting an animal with your car.
  • Collision coverage provides protection during any kind of collision no matter who caused the accident,
  • Rental car reimbursement will help you stay on the road while your vehicle is being repaired.
  • Uninsured/underinsured coverage protects you when the other driver doesn’t have adequate coverage.

Sump Insurance Is Here To Help

You may also want to talk to us about how to get gap coverage, roadside assistance, or other benefits in Clarinda, IA. If you have any questions about your coverage, please call Sump Insurance today.

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