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Is an umbrella insurance plan necessary in Iowa?

Carrying proper and necessary insurance should be a priority for all in the Clarinda, IA area. One type of insurance that people here will want to consider getting is umbrella insurance. This is a form of insurance that will provide personal liability coverage.

There are a few reasons that someone in this part of Iowa should consider getting an umbrella plan a basic necessity:

Prepare for the Unexpected

A reason that all people in Iowa should have an umbrella plan is to ensure they are prepared for the unexpected. Liability risks need to be taken very seriously. If you are found liable for an accident that results in damages or other losses, you may have to pay a lot of money out of pocket. Because of this, having insurance will be helpful. If you get an umbrella plan, it will provide any support that you need to mitigate this risk. 

Coverage for Major Claims

If you are a property owner or car owner and have the right insurance, you are likely to have liability coverage for accidents that happen at home or on the road. However, those policies will have a coverage cap that can be exhausted if the accident is bad enough. If you are able to invest in an umbrella plan, you will get coverage on top of those types of policies. 

We Can Help

Umbrella insurance is a very important form of insurance to obtain. When you have this coverage, it can provide peace of mind and reduce liability risks. As you are looking to get this coverage in the Clarinda, IA area, you can benefit by calling us at Sump Insurance. Our team at Sump Insurance will offer the support that is necessary to build a new plan that offers ideal support and protection.

What Are the Benefits of Buying Home Insurance in Person Versus Online?

If you are looking to purchase home insurance, Sump Insurance, serving the greater Clarinda, IA area, would love the opportunity to assist you. One of the questions that we are frequently asked is what the benefits of buying home insurance in person from an insurance agent are compared to going online and purchasing home insurance.

Here are some of those benefits:

An Insurance Agent Can Help You Understand the Policy Language

One of the benefits associated with buying home insurance in person versus online is that an insurance agent can help you understand the policy language. Not everyone is familiar with every insurance term, so having a professional who is can be helpful. 

An Insurance Agent Can Help You Determine How Much Coverage You Need

Another benefit to buying home insurance in person versus online is that an insurance agent can work with you to determine how much coverage you need. This helps to ensure that you are fully protected in case an unexpected event occurs, and you need to file a claim with your home insurance company. 

An Agent Will Go Over the Exclusion List With You

Lastly, an insurance agent will go over the exclusion list with you. Many policies have exclusion lists that exclude things such as earthquakes or flooding caused by heavy rains. Knowing what is excluded helps you to better understand your policy and ensures you can purchase a separate insurance policy to cover things not covered by your home insurance policy. 

Reach Out To Us

An insurance agent can work with you to ensure that you understand the policy language, to help you determine how much coverage you need, and to be sure you understand what is excluded from your policy. If you are looking to purchase a home insurance policy in the greater Clarinda, IA area, reach out to Sump Insurance to get started. 

Three reasons why you must have auto insurance

When you purchase a vehicle, one of the most important things you need to do is make sure to purchase an auto insurance policy. At Sump Insurance, we sell auto insurance policies to motorists in Clarinda, IA. 

The following are three important reasons why you must have auto insurance if you own a vehicle:

Auto insurance is required by law

Auto insurance is basically required by law in every state. If you are pulled over and aren’t insured, you can be cited for driving without insurance. Penalties for driving without insurance coverage are very harsh in many states, so you need to make sure that you’re covered. 

Auto insurance protects you financially

It’s important to carry auto insurance to protect your finances. Auto insurance can protect not only your investment in your vehicle but also your savings. If you are responsible for a costly auto accident, you will have to pay out of pocket. This could lead to a significant or even complete loss of your assets. 

Auto insurance is required by auto loan lenders

Many motorists took out a car loan to purchase their vehicle. If you borrowed money to buy your vehicle, it’s important to know that your auto lender will require you to carry auto insurance.

If you are carrying auto insurance to meet your auto loan lender’s requirements, you’ll need to have both liability and collision coverage. Collision coverage protects the value of your vehicle while you’re paying back your loan. 

We Are Here To Help

Are you interested in exploring your auto insurance options in Clarinda, IA? We can answer your questions about auto insurance and provide you with a quote on a policy at Sump Insurance. Get in touch with us today!

Does Umbrella Insurance Cover Home, Auto, or Personal Belongings Damage?

While serving the Clarinda, IA region, our team at Sump Insurance frequently receives questions about what is covered under umbrella insurance policies and what is not covered. Since umbrella insurance policies can vary from provider to provider and policy to policy, it can be confusing to decipher what your specific umbrella policy entails. To clear up the confusion, we’ve tackled these confusing topics below.

What Is Umbrella Insurance?

If you take the term literally, you might think umbrella insurance covers, well, umbrellas. This wouldn’t quite be accurate. As an insurance policy, umbrella insurance acts as an “umbrella” to cover claims beyond what your home insurance, auto insurance, or other policies cover. Typically, umbrella insurance comes into play when you have reached your limit on another policy.

It’s like a safety net or backup plan that ensures that you will be covered even in significant events that go beyond your primary policies’ reach.

What Does Umbrella Insurance Cover?

While every policy is different, umbrella insurance policies generally cover liability, medical costs, and expenses associated with lawsuits that go beyond what the primary home or auto policy handles.

Does Umbrella Insurance Cover Home, Auto, or Personal Belongings Damage?

Unfortunately, for most umbrella insurance policies, home, auto, and personal belongings damage is not covered under the umbrella policy. While some umbrella policies may cover these things, it is usually meant to cover damage or injury to others, as well as liability. That being said, some umbrella insurance policies may cover these if they are related to other forms of coverage such as liability. It all depends on the individual policy terms and the specific situation at hand.

We Are Here To Help!

To discover what our umbrella policies cover, call Sump Insurance in Clarinda, IA today!


Is Home Insurance Mandatory in Iowa?

Owning a house brings comfort and satisfaction to anyone’s life. However, homeownership is not without risks. Therefore, it’s advisable to look for protection for your house and the belongings placed in it. Our team of insurance experts at Sump Insurance is here to help.

Is Home Insurance Mandatory in Iowa?

Home insurance is not mandatory in Clarinda, IA or anywhere else in the state, but if you acquire your house through financing as a mortgage, the lender might want you to have it until you pay the outstanding debt. Regardless, it’s very important for a homeowner to consider insurance packages to ensure preservation for both your house and the personal materials stored in them.

The benefits include:

Dwelling coverage: 

This protection is intended to guard your house, comprising the walls, built-in appliances, and floors, as well as separate structures like a gazebo after an insurable risk strikes.

Additional living expenses: 

If your beautiful home is destroyed by the stated risks in your legal document and becomes unlivable, this protection kicks in and pays for accrued expenses when your home is being restored or reconstructed.

Contents coverage: 

Getting this policy safeguards your belongings such as clothing, furniture, and electronic gadgets after they get damaged or robbed by a predominant catastrophe.

Contact Us Today

Have you bought or constructed your house recently in Clarinda, IA? Give us a call at Sump Insurance to get more details about home insurance.

Does Your Auto Insurance Cover Multi-Vehicle Collision Costs?

Auto liability insurance policies are legally required in most states, including Iowa. However, collision insurance covers an entirely different aspect of auto insurance that you may never have considered. While it is safe to assume that most people do not want to experience a collision in their lives, imminent danger on the road is always an unfortunate possibility. Particularly when the weather is rainy or snowy, the chances of being involved in a car crash go up exponentially.

Not all auto insurance policies cover multi-vehicle collisions, but there are insurance agents who can help protect you in the event of a life-altering crash.  Sump Insurance in Clarinda, IA is here to assist.

Auto Insurance & Multi-Vehicle Collision

Let’s say that you are driving on icy roads and fail to notice that the cars in front of you are coming to a stop, or perhaps you cannot see through the thick sheets of snow. If you rear-end the vehicle in front of you and it continues on like a domino effect, your liability insurance will cover the damage done to the other vehicles.

Alternatively, if you are in one of the vehicles that get hit (or in other words, if you are one of the drivers who is not at fault and got caught in the crossfire), the driver at fault will need their liability insurance to cover your vehicle’s damage. There is also the option of obtaining collision insurance, which may especially be recommended in states with drastically inclement weather. 

Give Us A Call

If you are in the Clarinda, IA area, stop by Sump Insurance to discuss your auto policy with a qualified professional.  Call Sump Insurance today or stop by the office if you are in the area. Allow the experts to give you the information you need to protect yourself and others.

What is the benefit of having an umbrella insurance plan in Iowa?

Anyone living in the Clarinda, IA area will want to ensure they have proper personal insurance in place. While there are many important types of coverage to consider getting, umbrella insurance should be on the top of the list for most people. This is an important form of protection that offers support if you are liable for damages in an accident or other situation. 

Benefits of Having Umbrella Insurance

Offers Higher Levels of Protection

Most people in this area of Iowa will have home or auto insurance plans that will give coverage for accidents involving these assets and their use. While these plans will cover most potential accidents, there will always be a chance that an accident could result in higher damages and claims. In these cases, having umbrella coverage is ideal as it will give the additional support that you need on top of these policies. 

Receive Coverage for More Situations

It is also a good idea to obtain umbrella coverage because it can provide coverage for far more situations. Umbrella insurance is very broad and offers support for many claims that could arise that otherwise would not be covered by another insurance plan. This will give you peace of mind as you will know that you are prepared for the unexpected. 

Contact Us Today

If you are in the Clarinda, IA area, it would be a good idea to obtain an umbrella insurance policy. Once you start looking for insurance, you can learn more about your needs and options by calling Sump Insurance. There are various complexities that come with umbrella coverage and calling Sump Insurance can help as they will answer all of your questions and give the support you need to build a plan that will appropriately cover and protect you moving forward. 

Renters insurance FAQs

Being a renter doesn’t mean that you don’t need to have insurance to protect what you own. More than half of all renters don’t have renters insurance and that leaves them very vulnerable. At Sump Insurance in Clarinda, IA we are a locally owned independent insurance agency, and we want to make sure that you have the coverage you need. 

Renters Insurance FAQs

Will renters insurance replace my laptop if it is stolen?

Yes, it will pay for your laptop and the amount that you get will depend on what type of content coverage you have and what your deductible is. If you have replacement cost coverage, you will get more than if you have actual value. 

Are my personal possessions covered when I am away from home?

Yes, if you travel with personal possessions, they are covered just as they would be if they were still in your home. This goes for your vehicle, a plane, or a hotel. 

If someone is hurt at my rental, do I have coverage?

Yes, you do if you have rental insurance. It will pay for medical bills that may be incurred and, beyond that, it provides coverage for any legal action that may be filed against you due to the injury. It even helps pay for your legal fees. 

If my rental is damaged what happens?

Your landlord or management company is responsible for repairing the rental unit. If it is so badly damaged that you can’t remain in it, your renters’ insurance will give you the means to stay somewhere else until you can come back home. It will also pay for some meals as well if you can’t cook. It means you will have a roof over your head. 

Get Insurance Coverage Today

Contact Sump Insurance in Clarinda, IA if you are a renter, and would like to discuss why you should have renters insurance. 

Driving safety stats Iowa drivers need to know

Driving risks vary by location and vehicle use, and Iowa is no different. Understanding the behaviors that put you at risk makes it easier to understand how to keep yourself and your family safe against risks. In addition, this knowledge can also help you plan the best insurance coverage, for which you can contact us at Sump Insurance in Clarinda, IA.

Driving Safety Stats Iowa Drivers Need To Know

Iowa Commute Times

Studies followed Iowa workers aged 16 and over for a four-year period. The average commute time to work during this time was listed at just over 19 minutes one-way. For a five-day work week, that means work alone accounts for over 3 hours of weekly drive time. This time in the car obviously increases when you consider driving home as well and increases when adding school pickups and errands like groceries.

Time Spent in Cars

Statistics shared by the US Department of Transportation, 2020, at Driving Statistics show that work commutes account for about 28% of our national driving times. Beyond work, auto travel times include 25% of the time in the car spent on social travel, 17% of time driving for family errands, 15% of the auto time for shopping, and another 15% of time spent in cars for school and church. That easily adds up to 10 hours per week or more simply behind the wheel — and many who live in rural areas drive far, far more. 

Get Auto Insurance Today

More time behind the wheel means more time at risk of an auto accident. Whether a fender bender or an impact from an intoxicated driver, more car time equals more risk. Plan the insurance protection you need to manage this risk. For more information on auto insurance and accident protection, contact Sump Insurance in Clarinda, IA today.

How Much Umbrella Insurance Coverage do I Need?

Most people are familiar with the basics of insurance: you pay premiums to an insurer in exchange for protection against certain risks. Homeowners insurance, for example, helps to safeguard your home in the event of a fire or other disaster. Auto insurance protects your car against damage or theft. But what about umbrella insurance?

Umbrella insurance is a type of coverage that can provide additional protection against certain risks, over and above what your regular insurance policy covers. But how much umbrella insurance do you need? Sump Insurance in Clarinda, IA can help you navigate this important coverage.

Here are a few factors to consider:

1. The Value of Your Assets

One of the main reasons to carry umbrella insurance is to protect your assets. If you are sued for damages exceeding your regular policy’s coverage limits, umbrella insurance can help cover the costs. So, a key factor in determining how much umbrella insurance you need is the value of your assets. This includes not only your home and car but also other property such as jewelry, art, and collectibles. If you have significant assets, you may want to consider purchasing umbrella insurance with higher coverage limits.

2. Your Exposure to Risk

Another factor to consider when determining how much umbrella insurance to buy is your risk exposure. This includes both the likelihood that you will be sued as well as the number of damages you could be liable for if you are sued. If you have a high-risk job or participate in activities that increase your chances of being sued, umbrella insurance can provide valuable protection.

3. The Coverage Limits of Your Regular Policy

When considering how much umbrella insurance to purchase, you should also look at the coverage limits of your regular policy. If you have a high-deductible policy or only carry minimal coverage, you may want to consider buying umbrella insurance with higher coverage limits. Doing so can help to fill in the gaps and provide additional protection.

Get Umbrella Insurance in Clarinda, IA

Now that you know some of the factors to consider when determining how much umbrella insurance to buy, it’s time to get a quote. Sump Insurance can help you find the right coverage for your needs. Call us today for a free quote.

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