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Iowa Drivers, This is What You Need To Know About Auto Insurance

When you think of it, there are many ways auto accidents can occur. A blown tire, reversing into a wall, falling objects, crashing into another vehicle, and so forth. And even when you are careful, accidents can still happen. A distracted or careless driver can crash into you. Given that we can’t prevent vehicular accidents entirely, drivers need auto insurance for optimal coverage.

Not sure where to start? Here at Sump Insurance, located in Clarinda, IA, we will help you navigate Iowa’s auto insurance landscape. Here are things you should know about Iowa auto insurance.

Auto insurance is mandatory in Iowa State.

You know this, but we will say it nevertheless: auto insurance is mandatory in Iowa, and the state requires you to carry the below minimum coverages:

  • Bodily injury liability: Pays for medical expenses for injuries caused to third parties in a vehicular accident when you were at fault. The state requires you to carry a minimum of $20,000 for an accident involving one person and $40,000 for an accident involving more than one person.
  • Property damage liability: This covers property damage to other persons, but not you — for instance, you crashing into their car or reversing into their house. The minimum coverage required is $15,000 per accident.

There are other auto insurance coverage options.

While the state requires mandatory liability coverage, other car insurance policies exist to cover your vehicle against theft, vandalism, falling objects, hail, and other perils specified in your policy. Some of these coverages include:

  • Collision coverage to pay for damages to your car
  • Comprehensive coverage to cover your vehicle against theft, fire, and other risks
  • Medical payments to cover for medical costs arising from a vehicular accident
  • Road assistance to bail you when stranded on the highway

Auto insurance premium varies

Yes, your car insurance premium won’t be exactly like your friend’s, even though you have the same car model. Car insurance companies in Iowa use the below factors to compute your premium:

  • Your age 
  • Credit scoring
  • Your occupation and education level
  • Marital status
  • Gender
  • Zipcode
  • Claim history

Having the right auto insurance coverage can save you huge bills later on. Thankfully, for Clarinda, IA residents, you can get optimal auto coverage from Sump Insurance. Contact us today, and we shall take care of your car insurance needs.

Understanding Umbrella Insurance

It’s doubtful that you would ever lose a liability lawsuit for an amount greater than your existing insurance policy. However, if this occurs, you’re at risk of losing your own personal savings in a final settlement ruling. Thus, understanding umbrella insurance is vital to avoid financial demise. Speak with Sump Insurance of Clarinda, IA on how umbrella insurance works to your advantage. 

What is Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella insurance is a method of gaining significant liability coverage against claims that go over the limits of an individual’s (home, auto, boat, and others) insurance policy. The coverage is supposed to pick up where the other policies have left off. Often, umbrella insurance covers all injuries to another party and any damage to their personal property. However, this type of coverage isn’t available for an insurer’s personal assets. 

The liability coverage found in umbrella insurance doesn’t protect the policyholder but other family members who live with them. Before agreeing to any policy changes, get the requirements needed to be considered a family member. Some umbrella insurance agreements come with set age limits for those parties under consideration. 

The Importance of Umbrella Insurance

In our ever-growing litigious world, umbrella insurance becomes a valuable protection tool if your name appears on a pending liable lawsuit. Most scenarios of this nature involve being sued and the case outcome going against your side. The final judgment could ruin you financially forever. 

To discover the importance of umbrella insurance in your life, take a look at your personal assets’ total value. If the amount is quite significant, then adding umbrella insurance for more liability coverage is wise. It’s the type of protection needed to eliminate any chance of losing your personal assets in a possible lawsuit. 

In the end, umbrella insurance is a small price to pay for peace of mind. Take the time to speak with an employee of Sump Insurance of Clarinda, IA, as they can show the differences in various coverage options. Schedule an appointment today!

How to prevent house fires

Nothing can be quite as destructive as a house fire. Even if the fire department gets to your home in time to save the structure, the resulting fire and water damage can be immense. The potential for loss of life is also sobering.

So, any measure that can be taken to prevent a house fire ought to be taken. The first thing you need to do is install smoke alarms and change the batteries at least annually. It would be best to have a fire extinguisher ready to put out fires before they get out of control.

It would be best if you kept your stove and oven clean. Do not leave cooking food on your stovetop unattended. Keep nothing flammable near your fireplace. Make sure that a lit fireplace is not left unattended. Be careful when using candles for that romantic dinner with your spouse or significant other. Ensure that power cords for any of your electronics are not chewed or frayed. Replace them immediately if they are.

Ensure that any flammable liquids are properly stored and secured. These include hairspray and shaving cream, along with cleaning products. Air conditioning filters and the lint trap in your dryer should be cleaned regularly. If you use a space heater, make sure that it is located away from anything that can catch fire.

It’s not a good idea to smoke under any circumstances. However, if you must smoke, do so outside. Soak the cigarette butts in water before disposing of them.

For any more questions about house fires and home insurance, contact Sump Insurance, serving Clarinda, IA.

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