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Iowa Classic Car Insurance Coverage

Classic Car Insurance in Iowa

Owning a classic car is something that many of our clients in the Clarinda, IA area enjoy collecting. They invest time and money into this hobby and should protect it with the coverage offered by classic car insurance.

What Is A Classic Car?

A classic car is older in age and model. In most cases, it is at least 20 years old. For many who own classic cars, they are much older and look like they do not belong on the roads anymore. Owners often keep these classic cars in pristine condition, rebuilding motors and parts so that they run as good as they did in their prime.

Full Coverage Option

When you choose to insure your classic car with classic car insurance, you have the option to retrieve the total value of the restored classic car. You know the value of your classic car, and so does your insurance agent when they come out and value the work that has been put into the vehicle and maintaining its condition. With an agreed-upon value between you and your agent, you are entitled to that valued amount should your classic car become damaged beyond repair or stolen.

Roadside Assistance

While these classic cars are not daily drivers by any means, many owners take them out for a spin to car shows up and down the state of Iowa. Should your car break down while traveling, you will have access to roadside assistance so that you can get yourself and your vehicle off the highway and to safety.

Protect Your Investment Today

Most of our classic car owners around the Clarinda, IA area have a sentimental attachment to their classic cars. They may have inherited them or purchased them long ago and cannot part with them. If you would like to get the coverage that truly protects your classic car, give our agents at Sump Insurance a call today.

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